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Out on the Drink

Out on the Drink

Sean Bulger is a 16-year-old alcoholic from Newfoundland. His life revolves around avoiding his abusive stepfather and sneaking booze wherever and whenever he can. One of his party crashes goes wrong when a group of fellow teens dare him to check out a condemned Russian cruise ship.

Stone drunk and obsessed with the promise of more alcohol, Sean scrambles aboard the ship, and blacks out when the boat is towed from harbour–and soon he’s adrift in a ruined ship, looking for fresh water, food, navigational tools, or anything that will help him survive.

When rescue finally comes, it’s not who he expected, and Sean gets a first-hand look into the shady world of ship-breaking.

A YA adventure for ages 10 and up, Bill Bunn’s latest book will grab your attention and make you feel the waves and the cold sea spray of the North Atlantic.
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