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Leopard under full sail
Published 2017
Author Michael Aye
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The year is 1780. American privateers who have wreaked havoc among British shipping are now boldly entering British ports. Lord Anthony sets sail with a squadron to deal with the privateers. Gabe has been on the beach for several months, accused of overstepping his authority by an angered admiral who is sent to replace Admiral Buck.

Unbeknownst to the British, Spain has entered the war to aid the Americans. Sailing the crippled Trident to the Antigua dockyards, Gabe comes upon a decimated British convoy. Once in Antigua, the admiral places Gabe in temporary command of HMS Leopard, a fifty-gun ship. His job: To seek out Lord Anthony and alert him of this new enemy. Fighting enemy ships from several countries seems bad enough; yet the worst hurricane in history threatens to do what enemy cannons can’t do — stop the Fighting Anthonys.
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