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War 1812: Remember the Raisin
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War 1812: Remember the Raisin

It’s the War 1812. The early days of the war are met with one failure after another. General Hull has surrendered an entire army to the British without inflicting a single casualty. After discussing the lack of Army leadership with the Secretary of War, President Madison decides he needs someone to be a mover and shaker. Jonah Lee fits that description. Once a trusted scout for General “Mad” Anthony Wayne, Jonah is a man of action. His first assignment as an agent for the President is to ensure the Northern American army under General William Harrison takes the fight to the British, pushing them back into Canada. And -if possible- do it before the winter sets in. The United States cannot afford a long protracted engagement. Follow Jonah and his lifelong companion Moses as they take you from the massacre at the River Raisin, to Commodore Perry’s great defeat of the British on the Great lakes and end with the overwhelming British defeat at the battle of the Thames. Experience the hardships of war, smell the battle smoke as cannons roar and feel the sensation of a beautiful woman in your arms.

Michael Aye is a retired Naval Medical Officer. He has long been a student of early American and British Naval history. Since reading his first Kent novel, Mike has spent many hours reading the great authors of sea fiction, often while being “haze gray and underway” himself. He is the author of the popular Fighting Anthony series of a family of British naval officers in the period around the American Revolution. This is his first novel on the War of 1812.

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