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The Yoshinobu Mysteries: Volume 2
Author Broussard, John. A.
Published 2006

The Yoshinobu Mysteries: Volume 2

The setting is mainly Elima, a composite of the Hawaiian Islands where Kay Yoshinobu is practicing criminal law along with her husband Sidney Chu and senior partner Qual Smith. Kay specializes in thoroughly investigating the lives of her clients. And truthfulness is not the most frequent virtue of the people Kay chooses to defend.

Sid is a brilliant trial attorney, who is frequently exasperated by Kay's avocation as an investigator.

Qual is the stabilizing force in the firm. Widely respected in the community of Napua, where their practice is located, his legal experience goes far in contributing to the firm’s success.

Craig Thomas, Qual's significant other, is a contributor to the firm’s cases in the form of information about some of the marginal activities on Elima and in Honolulu.

Leilani Pak is the firm’s longtime receptionist/secretary, invaluable in that she seems to be related to most of the island's inhabitants and knows virtually all the others.

Homicide Lieutenant Hank DeMello of the Napua Police Department is the sometimes friend, sometimes foe, of Kay and her colleagues. Hank never forgets that his job is to find and arrest criminals.

Sergeant Corky Honda shares Hank's views but she is far more prone to provide help to Kay, knowing that the help will be reciprocated.

You can expect to find a wide-ranging series of mysteries here, beginning with the life and loves of Smith, Chu and Yoshinobu's newest attorney, Laura Correa. Despite her successful career as a lawyer, Laura is having endless problems with her love life. When she finally finds what seems to be an ideal mate, her world comes crashing down.

And then there's the strange setting where a body falls out of an elevator at an exclusive apartment complex. Kay's efforts on behalf of her client who has motive enough to have been the killer lead her into strange byways and expose her to a danger she had never anticipated.

An even stranger setting is the Hobart dishwasher at a resort hotel. Why would anyone stash a body in the maw of this monster? Since the dead man turns out to be the hotel's owner, on vacation with some of his staff and family from his home in Japan, there's plenty of pressure, both local and international, on the police to solve the crime—pronto.

A plane crash off of San Francisco becomes central in Kay's efforts to find out the true nature of her client, accused of killing the wife of a local business executive. Kay’s client is murdered, even before she has a chance to even organize his defense. Unusual for them, Kay and her husband Sidney Chu, feel compelled to carry on their investigations on the Mainland. Their trip is far more revealing than even they had anticipated.

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