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Chat Line: The Faceless Lover
Author Colle, Piero
Published 2004

Chat Line: The Faceless Lover

“The future is already rooted in the present…it has happened…”
Spoken by Merlin in Excalibur

This work of fiction is structured in “episodes.” Meetings take place in cyberspace, a medium, undreamed of until only a few years ago. The Internet is now so accessible that it constitutes a worldwide cultural phenomenon in its own right. Can the Internet be a surrogate for happiness? These episodes offer opportunities for reflection.

Chaste yet depraved. Passionate and ice-cold. Instructive yet foreboding. A now elusive, now indolent group of individuals moves and observes us from the cover of the names under which they present themselves to the rest of the world: Venus, a twenty-one year old cyber-siren from Michigan, whose naked thighs become the story itself under the dazzling shafts of light emitted by her monitor; Wheelchair, a would-be hacker from Hungary, wheelchair-bound after a road accident, constructs, through a channel for the disabled, an unexpected new life for himself and for someone else; Captain, a young Greek, obsessed equally by the imminence of history and military uniforms is the victim of a spiral of violence he creates to escape his dreary routine; and Wolf, an inscrutable minstrel of the chat lines is on the point of understanding a truth suspended halfway between virtual and real events.

The interplay of dialogue with the syntax of a language penned and punctuated by the imperious rush of the computer keyboard enables a new culture of the written word. The computer reveals itself to be a modern-day accomplice to men and women using the Internet to claim the sublime pleasure of seduction and to take a wild gamble on impossible truths and fate-confounding fictions.

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