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Murder at Milltown Junior College

John A. Broussard's Murder at Milltown Junior College is packed to the last page with murder and suspense. This exciting mystery begins with the murder of Milltown JC's un-beloved president Gilbert Green.

Green has a despicable secret. Is that what got him killed? Or has someone simply gone mad? Academic murder is an unlikely scenario in this seedy, down-at-the-heel Pacific Northwest logging town. The suspects are many and the clues are few.

Paul Yankovich, Milltown Police Department Lieutenant is stumped, and Chief Stavros is about to pull him off the case. But when Jason Reilly Sociology Instructor and Marie Watanabe Director of Students stumble into unimaginable danger, Yankovich's response is quick and incisive.

This cop procedural snares you from the get-go.

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