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Poisonous Kiss
Author Totisz, Andras
Published 2000

Poisonous Kiss

The story of the cop was a made-for-tabloid tragedy: He was young, good-looking, talented, and convicted of murder. Then there was the love interest. Beautiful, about ten years older…

John Arany is the detective, shot down with his partner in a dark hallway. Celia is the lover, the beautiful police psychologist, who injects him with an aggression-enhancing virus.

When his partner dies, Arany goes hunting for the killer. He does not know the virus has altered his psychology —Celia wants only to save his life.

Mysteries pile up. Murders occur. Good guys turn bad.

Totisz sets his detective novel in the dark ambience of Philadelphia's streets, its warren of underworld nightlife. In Poisonous Kiss , Totisz evokes Philadelphia as an important character in the manner of Hammett's evocation of San Francisco and Chandler's of Los Angeles.

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