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2 Plays by Nicole Burton
Author Burton, Nicole
Published 2000

2 Plays by Nicole Burton

If an abandoned 8-year old girl can't find true love with an Egyptian fortune-telling hairdresser, where can she find it?

Every month, when Hazel's foster home sends her to Alma's hair salon, Hazel gets more than a shampoo; she gets love. But war breaks out in Egypt, and Alma's family must quickly return home. In their last minutes together, can Alma convince Hazel she is not abandoning her?

The ten-minute play, DEP-LOVE, was second-place winner in the Source Theater Summer Festival.

This playful one act drama turns on a play on a play on words. Set in a modern office and featuring actors of differing background cultures, FREUDIAN SLIP literalizes and pokes fun at the Freudian concept.

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