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Attack Butterfly: Book 2, Rust Bucket Universe Series
Author Butterfly, Atk.
Published 1998

Attack Butterfly: Book 2, Rust Bucket Universe Series

Attack Butterfly is the second in The Rust Bucket Universe series from BOSON BOOKS.

Susan's eyes gleamed with the intensity of a natural born killer instinct. She was always ready to play rough.

Susan watched the fixed sight sweep onto another destroyer as her ship came from behind the enemy fleet. She fired her Mark VI and peppered the enemy destroyer from stern to bow. She definitely saw two of her shots go clear through the hull to reveal space on the other side. The guns on the destroyer fell silent. She knew she had destroyed it. "Yeeee-haaaawww! Scratch another destroyer!"

This was a fighting Navy that didn't back down or run when the going got tough. This was a fighting Navy that was well trained and confident. This was a fighting Navy willing to go against the long odds.

"They've found the enemy flagship! Attack Butterfly is leading them in after it," the communications officer stated to Admiral Oden.

Dave heard the name of the fighter. He thought for a moment before he realized who must be in that fighter. That would have to be Lieutenant jg Thompson, he guessed. She was the only fighter commander he knew of from the academy who went to the Mad Dogs Squadron. So, she had taken his story and used it to name her fighter. Incredible, he thought, but the name fit in an eerie sort of way.

She was, after all, in the smallest fighting vessel that the Navy used and attacking the largest enemy vessel around. It was little more than a single Mark VI gun with an engine and gunner's compartment stuck onto it. Silently, he wished her and the other fighters luck in destroying the enemy dreadnought.

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