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Tomorrow Finally Came: Experiences as an Agricultural Advisor in Post-Communist Poland
Author Braund, Darwin G. Ph.D.
Published 1999

Tomorrow Finally Came: Experiences as an Agricultural Advisor in Post-Communist Poland

A review from the Penn Stater, Sept./Oct. 1997:

. . .Braund's descriptions of his agricultural mission will interest some readers, but many will be more taken with the depictions of an American tackling life in post-Soviet Poland. The conditions may be spartan, but the hospitality of his newfound Polish friends brings a warm glow to the recollections. Along the way, there are some amusing sidelights. (Stopped by the police while driving in one small town, Braund and an American companion repeat over and over that they can't speak Polish. The frustrated police finally let them go, prompting Braund's gleeful companion to yell good-bye--in Polish). . . . those with an interest in agriculture or in the Americans encountering the post-Communist world will find many things to enjoy here. –CB

This book shares a former Pennsylvania farm boy's perspective of major multi-cultural international experiences in a country which survived 40 years of communism and is making valiant and remarkable progress toward a market-based economy. It identifies and brings alive real people who've been true survivors of centuries of wars with neighboring countries. It shares lessons learned from being exposed to different ways of thinking and about how slowly, but surely, opportunities arose to seed ideas, ask questions where questions had not been asked before, inject some optimism and stress some possibilities in a society made understandably pessimistic through centuries of domination and a survival mentality.

Tomorrow Finally Came! shares a six-months saga of adapting to a new and different country, a new culture with wonderful people, special new friends, many frustrations, and a sense of contribution. I lived in the upstairs, two-room apartment of a wonderful young Polish couple with an 18-month old daughter, located in the forest 25 km from my office, without T.V. or a daily newspaper. It was a wonderful and remarkable experience; one during which the wishes, memories, sorrows, and joys of my youth and three-score years of life had been rekindled. My 40-year goal of participating in international agricultural assistance had been achieved. Yes, tomorrow finally came! And it was made so uniquely enjoyable by the reliving of many yesterdays.

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