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Where Evil Lurks
Author Rodman, Robert D.
Published 2010

Where Evil Lurks

Brutally raped and left pregnant and half dead, Ashley Bloodworth wants to find the three men who tortured her. She persuades P. I. Dagny Taggart Jamison to take the case after promising that she merely wants to know who fathered her twins. Dagny must find each man and get a DNA sample. But there is a catch: the assault took place ten years ago.

No trail was ever this cold. For clues Dagny has a blue Dodge van, a belt buckle, and a parting taunt: “You’ve been done by every Tom, Dick, and Harry.”

Dagny stubbornly parleys the clues into leads and the leads into finds that take her from a senile old woman’s home in New Jersey, to an underground cistern in Istanbul, to an organ transplant clinic in Los Angeles.

Ashley pays Dagny as promised with a bonus and a terse “Goodbye, Dagny.” But that’s only the beginning, for Ashley is bent on lurid retribution.

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