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The Woman Who
Author Cherry, Kelly
Published 2011

The Woman Who

The seven stories in The Woman Who take a close and sharp look at thecomplex relationships between art and reality, between imagination and identity. Theyoffer illuminating glimpses of that old and continuing mystery, the creating mind. Kate,an editor, must stabilize her sense of self after being shaken by the brute fact of Sovietconstraint. Lindy, a photographer, is trying to find herself in New York City. Nan, awriter, assembles a self from the materials of her youth in Virginia.  Nuance andvibrant prose plunge the reader into the lives and hearts of these vivid characters. The suspenseful last story, “Art and Aberration,” brings the three together ina single voice that demonstrates the power of the artistic imagination. Againstnothingness, The Woman Who celebrates the flourishing creation, its abilityto transfigure thought into object: the objét d’art, the story.The Woman Who also appears in print.
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