Bitingduck Press/Boson Books Web Store - Desperadoes
Author Wilson, Chris Scott
Published 2011


When a bible-punching bounty hunter caught and hanged one of the Benson Gang, his weakness for women made him cross the line.

He was hunting the outlaws responsible for holding up the westbound train of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad in Prowers County on 26th June, 1883. Floyd Benson and Emmett Green might have been notorious desperadoes, and train robbers too, but what Preacher Creech did shocked even them.

Even with every lawman in Colorado looking to bust them and the railroad setting the Pinkertons on their trail, Floyd and Emmett stopped in their tracks and the hunted became the hunters.

There’s no such thing as all black. No such thing as all white. And no such thing as all good or all bad. The truth is many shades of gray. Sometimes the good guys could be the bad guys. And the bad guys? Sometimes they could be, well, nearly good.

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